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Who are we and what can we do? 

We are a Search company specialized in finding missing friends and relatives in the USA. We can help you find the person you are looking for. 

What Information should you know for a successfull search? 

We need at least the Full name and Date of Birth or Age of the person you are looking for. Additional Information like old address will also help.

What Information can we provide you with?

We can provide you with the information we found (at least current and last address, Bankruptcies plus a phone number (If there is any), Aliases and other relevant information). If the person is dead you will receive last address, Social security number and other relevant information. We can also work on special Requests, like grave search, and so on. These services are billed on a case by case basis. Usually around 250 Euro. Again, if we find nothing you pay nothing.

How are the chances of finding a long lost person? 

The chances of finding a person is 99 %. Obviously, it is easier to find a Man. If you are trying to find a  Woman several factors have to be considered, for example marriage, re-marriage, divorce. In this case you must provide us with the CURRENT Marriage names.  

What are the costs?

Our services are 2225 - 250 Euro per person depending on the amount of work the search takes and the information you can provide us with. If we do not find any information you do not pay any Fees.

What are the payment methods?

All customers except Germany, Austria, Switzerland can ONLY PAY UPFRONT via paypal. If we dont find the person you are looking for we will refund you within 3 days. paypal fees will be paid by us. (Paypal is a very secure online payment service, we are verified by paypal Services. PAYPAL accepts  all major Credit cards), Wire Transfer to a German bank account (for European customers). 

Is our Company genuine?

Yes. As mentioned above we have a verified paypal account. Paypal is very secure and requires for its members a step by step verification process whereby Infomation like Bank and Credit Card accounts and addresses are verified. Paypal also has a return pay policy.  

Who am I?

I am a German who lived and worked  in New York for 6 years. I am fluent in both German and English.  

Why am I offering this Service?

I started this services because I had the same problem almost 20 years ago of finding my lost relatives. It took me over 4 years, and costed me almost one thousand Dollars to find my Grandfather. I want to help people who have the same problem like I had finding their Relatives for a fair price. 

How can you contact us? 

Search Requests can only be made by email at  For other questions you can call us at +49-160-99307126.